Working in a job that you love is many people’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone works in their dream jobs. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, just less than 30 percent of the people who are working in their dream jobs. The rest of the workforce is not completely satisfied with their jobs. They have different reasons including an explanation of how they are too busy, excuses about financial stability claiming that their dream job can’t earn the money they need, or simply lacking a sense of direction since they don’t know how to start, among others. All of these reasons shouldn’t stop one to pursue a job of his or her dreams. At the end of the day, a person has to be satisfied with what he or she does.

A task well-begun is half-done. How to begin the pursuit of your dream job?

Take your time for self-assessment

Start thinking of your interests and the opportunities that excite you and make you happy. Introspection and observing your interests and hobbies help you decide your dream career. There may be many obstructions in pursuing your dream job. The first step in the process of getting your dream job is not to lose confidence and to be determined about your dreams. Prepare for the challenges you have to face. If your dream job is not a conventional 9:00am to 5:00pm job, there may be more people who discourage you. Don’t compromise on your interests and prove yourself right.


This addresses the most crucial question people face, “How to get started?” Browse the Internet and obtain knowledge about the various opportunities available out there. For a better understanding, contact a career counselor who can offer you proper insight of your area of interest. Make a list of the skills required for the job. Assess your own abilities, the scope of the career and plan accordingly.

Work on it

Start working on your plans. Develop and enhance all the skills required for the job. Attend online courses or workshops required for a better performance. A good resume and portfolio make or break your chances to get into a job. Create a professional resume as well as an impressive LinkedIn profile. Most of employers research LinkedIn profiles as well as other social media sources while recruiting the candidates. Build connections with the people who are already working in this field.

Take risks

A lot of people fail to land their dream job because of procrastination. Utilize your free time. Start working as a freelancer if you have a skill that you want to develop. Gain experience and confidence. When you are ready and if you are interested in a specific job, take the chance and start applying to acquire the job. Link the past experience with your current abilities in the interview. Be smart and take calculated risks, even if the job you love is offering you a lower pay than the current one. All that matters is your enthusiasm and interest. Keep working hard and advancing so that your pay increases.

Create your own mark

Make sure that your work stands out from the rest. Always update your skills time to time. Employers in the corporate world are looking for versatile candidates who can learn new things fast. Versatility with uniqueness of work makes you the most suitable candidate for the job.

Go ahead and make your dream job a reality.

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