All you Need to Know Before Going Hunting for A Job

Job hunting is an art, and you must be familiar with this art to get the job that suits you best. No matter how big of a challenge this may seem, it becomes easier with a clear objective in mind. No lock in this world has ever been made without a key to it. We’re here to teach you how to land that perfect job!

The most important action before you learn how to land a job, is to be sure of the career path you’re about to follow. Have you evaluated your options for a profession? Are you certain of what you want to become? Do you have your priorities sorted out? If so, the following paragraphs will be extremely useful to you.

Step 1: Keep your Eyes Open for Job Opportunities

The first step is assuming that you’ve chosen your field and career path, just keep your eyes open for the jobs available in your preferred field. Keep yourself well-informed on the type of job you are seeking. Make sure you look for jobs available in your area; find out what the credentials are and how they compare to the qualities you possess. You can search in different job databases available online to find out the best option for you.

Step 2: Build a Resume/CV

Gather information for your CV and make sure it’s as accurate as possible. In your resume/cv, display your skills with examples that will support the statements. Attach any copies of awards and certificates you have received.

Make sure to include reliable references. The references may include an employer, a teacher, or an ex co-worker etc. They need to be able to give a stated reference. Once you’ve got the CV done, proofread carefully. Check again and again for any linguistic or spelling mistakes you might’ve made. Something as small as a typo can lead to a negative impact on your image.

A CV mostly should be as short as two to three pages, max and a resume only one page. The look and intent of a CV and resume are different, depends on each person.

Step 3: Social Media Profile

Employers sometimes look at social media profiles of the candidates to find out more about them. Make sure that the recent updates on your profile are neutral and portray your mentality as a dependable and mature one. Be sensible about the material you post online. It’s better to change your settings to ‘private’ rather than leaving it as ‘public’.

Step 4: Explore and Apply for Appropriate Jobs

Start from your home, ask your family, friends and neighbors – they might have just the right job. You never know! The following points may prove to be essential pieces of advice, to land the job of your preference.

  • Keep an eye out for job advertisements in local newspapers.
  • Sign up on job-searching websites.
  • Contact the companies directly to get in touch with them.
  • Send out a cover letter with a CV every time – which will describe why you are the right person for the job.
  • Keep your references informed about your applications to keep them ready for a verification call.

Do Your Research

The main action that makes you resourceful for a company, is your awareness about their goals. Remember that there are a lot of other candidates competing for the same position. You can’t change your skills but you can enhance them as required, and you can constantly change your work ethic. Get a closer look at the company you’ve applied to join to grasp a good chance at impressing the interviewer.

Step 5: Prepare and Practice for Job Interviews

Most of the interviews, especially those held at large firms, tend to ask you the question, “Tell us about yourself”. The interviewer doesn’t want to know about your life; this is a work and experience associated question and the interviewer basically wants an understanding of your background, your endeavors and why you want the job. Therefore, practice the possible questions an interviewer can ask and think of the best possible ways to answer those questions. Take help from friends and family, if need be.

Step 6: Attend Job Interviews

Be prepared for the fact that no matter how many positions you may apply for; you won’t be asked to give interviews for them all. Hence, when you do get an opportunity, avail it. Furthermore,

  • Be punctual.
  • Have a realistic idea for the amount you would like to be paid.
  • Be presentable.
  • Be confident, be sure, be yourself.

All the best for your endeavors, let’s hope for the best.

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