College Education and Jobs: Why It Matters

Kindergarten, primary and secondary school, high school – they all are stepping stones structured to one singular end: College. Not only is college where it all leads to, but where it all ends, and where it all delivers. College Education is no joke – the biggest and best firms require a college degree and there is absolutely no going forward in life if you do not possess considerable college education.

The problem is how kids these days see College Education; alarmingly, most students do not see it as something important. A number of students tend to start part time jobs while still in high school and start questioning College and the credibility attached to it. “Why go to college if I can earn a livelihood with just a High School qualification”, they seem to be asking. “Why waste their time and four long years on getting a piece of paper when they don’t really need it?” “Why not do a six month diploma and be okay with it?” Moreover, there are those who start full time jobs fresh from high school and think that they have hit it – they have climbed the food chain. As far as these kids are concerned – what will four long years of college bring them?

The answer is less simple than the question. While a menial job or two can help them buy their weekly bout of sandwiches and their daily bread – the truth is it won’t be sustainable enough in the near future. High school students land jobs meant for under literate people – jobs that are the likes of waitressing, bartending, etc. Jobs that are neither respectable nor prove sufficient in the long run.

After all, it is not the High School students who rule the world.

Yet another reason why students these days do not take college seriously is the rumor brigade that is replete with echoing gibberish like, “Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college,” “Steve Jobs dropped out of college,” “T. S. Eliot didn’t publish his PhD”. The catch here is, while these amazing people did or might have dropped out of college – they all WENT to college. If not a college degree, they all had their fair share of college education, and that is what matters.

This brings us to the main question and the real topic of discourse here: WHY exactly is college education so important?

A real call to action – or call to contemplation – would be dropping the college bomb on people: how many people in the world really have a college education and/or a college degree? According to Huffington Post, only 6.7% of the people in the world have a college degree. According to, if the world were 100 people, only ONE would have college education. If we now compare these statistics to how many people in the world really have a comfortable lifestyle, college education really does add up. It’s not just about the pin money or the glamour, it’s not just about telling people you went to Ivy League.

It’s about your life.

Today’s world is a world of divisions and a world of qualifications, with a hundred specific fields for a hundred different discourses. With the growing diversity and the growing advancement in technology, the growing fields of study and new discoveries, the world is in need of people who qualify in various fields as experts in their fields – you can’t simply expect to be Steve Jobs based on a menial High School education. It’s INSUFFICIENT, to say the least. With college, you can focus on one singular field and pursue it to its depth. And then there are jobs.

Jobs are few, candidates many – and if we’re talking survival of the fittest, the ones with a college degree are the likeliest to win this race. To deny the race exists, to deny its significance would be to deny 2+2=4 and nobody is exactly being George Orwell here. A degree from a college paves a Yellow Brick Road for you Dorothys out there to a job that will dissolve most of your worries for the rest of your life. Finding the right job after choosing the right field of study is what should matter for the thriving individual and once that coffin is nailed perfectly, there is no impossibility of a happily ever after.

Finding jobs isn’t that much of a hard nut to crack – given that you have four years of college education backing you up and a degree in paper asserting that you did. There’s a reason firms and companies look for college grads as employees – and it goes deeper than merely knowing the student you’re employing knows what he will be asked to do because he sat in 8 term exams and wrote at least two full length papers on the topic. No, it’s not just that but the fact that going to college really grooms you inside and out. It is a preliminary stage wherein you are being prepared to deal with the big fat corporate world outside – four years you are nurtured, trained in ethics and manners and duties and responsibilities, you have the good luck of having peer supervision and professors who serve as role models for your life outside of college in the future. It is roughly tantamount to being in a mother’s womb for 9 months before you can be churned out into the real world – you are being trained for battle. It IS survival of the fittest you’ll have to deal with in the real world after all.

Choosing between a college education and none shouldn’t be much of a headache. It’s like having to choose between a straight, easy journey and a rocky, shaky, tiresome one – the wise ones would opt for the first one, give and take a few years. After all, if all you need to secure your happy future is four years of tough study and hard work, they aren’t much of a problem if what’s at risk is the many years of your life that will have to suffer without four years of hard work. And there’s nothing wrong with a few years of hard work, is there? Especially if you get to spend your post-retirement days in luxury at the expense of those four years – they then become elementary, my dear Watson.

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