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Craft your Own Future By Overcoming Hopelessness

This article attempts to address one of the biggest problems of our society; hopelessness. It causes people to be stuck at one point in life without making any progress in any aspect of their lives. It can only be cured by people willing to change their own ways to overcome their insecurities, instead of primarily blaming society for it. Often, the issue with failure to attain happiness is the same as that with large business organizations, such as errors in planning and insignificant execution. Business organizations at least always have a plan, but in some individual cases, a plan itself is absent. This level of ignorance in people comes only with ‘hopelessness’.

The first step towards overcoming hopelessness is to accept the fact that the person himself is doing something wrong. Realize that you are a part of the society that you so comfortably blame. Get up, set up a goal, and start taking action to move your life towards a more prosperous and successful destination. We’re here to guide you through this process with the following steps.


Think about the most common discomforts you have in your life that need to leave your life. Imagine an ideal future that will finally give you the satisfaction you’ve always chased. This may depend on what point you are in right now. If you’re still in a career building state, think of what you need to achieve in the next 10 years. If you have a career take time to understand what passions you abandoned in your life that may have caused this unhappiness. What still needs to be learned and absorbed? For any age group, having a clear goal is key to a purposeful life.

2. Keep your Thoughts Pragmatic:

It is vital to accept what you cannot do anymore. For example, you won’t ever find yourself playing baseball at a professional level if you’re in your 50s right now. Always keep in mind the factual limitations that have been imposed on you by your position in life. You might spend valuable time chasing the sun, but you’ll never reach it. Be realistic and try to use your creativity to make the most of every resource and feature you have. Try your best to acquire the best you can, to get a balanced ideal goal.

3. Define Your Future:

Deciding who you want to be is different from deciding what you may want to do in the future. The ‘who’ depicts a personality, and personality includes one’s core values, beliefs, interests, and actions. Having a ‘who’ in your mind will cause you to aim more which will ultimately push you to achieve more. You can detail what you will do and what you will refuse to be a part of with just an ideal future personality of yours in mind.

4. Always Welcome Constructive Criticism:

Allow people to be honest to you. Let them bring their thoughts about who you’re becoming and what positive changes they may like to see in you. It is, after all, for you to decide whether to implement these changes in your life or not. Be welcoming enough to not let anyone form fake agreements to your ways. 

5. Part Your Ways from The Naysayers:

This part, being related to two of the above headings (2 & 4), is a very important aspect in your journey forward. Being pragmatic has nothing to do with the opinions of others as what they think you cannot do has no relation with your abilities. Things that are physically impossible due to a certain reason may be excluded from your ideal future plan, but not ones that others might think are ‘too hard’ for you. No one besides you shall set your limits. In heading 4, see how the word “constructive” is used, as any other kind of criticism is negative energy and should be driven out of one’s life for a healthier journey.

Do not be afraid to be tested to the best of your potential, in an attempt to exceed the boundaries you’ve set. Life is enjoyable with a goal and meaningful actions. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

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