Deciding what to select as your college major can be a very tough choice. The decision can shape your life in one way or another. The important step in making the best choice is a choice that works for YOU and goes hand-in-hand with your interests. Do not decide your college major based on what others say is good for you, or base your decisions on the majors your friends are choosing. Spend a considerable deal of time contemplating your strengths and weaknesses. Think about the subject that you enjoy studying the most. Then select that subject as your major. Here is a list of some of the popular college majors that can help you through this process.

Psychology— if you think you are interested in why people say or do certain things, why different people react to the environment differently, you could choose psychology where you will learn about the cognitive, emotional, perceptual and motivational mechanisms of the most complex human organ, the Brain. The career opportunities in psychology are endless. One can become a therapist or a counselor, or even a specialist or lawyer depending on the type of courses pursued in post-graduation studies.

English Language and Literature— for those with a talent for language, with a keen ear for the beauty of words, there is no better major to choose than this. English is the international language of the world. Texts from most languages are translated to English first rather than any other language, so you will have access to the literary marvels of the entire world. You will also learn about other majors including history, psychology, economics and sociology among others. Plus, future career options are innumerable. You can work in the area of research, as a teacher or a professor, as a lawyer, or covering news and important events in journalism, just to name a few.

Economics—Economics is often called the scientific humanities subject. It is, to some extent, true. Studying as an Economics major means you have acute levels of logic, critical thinking and math. The field of Economics studies the very foundations of society-power politics and finances within governmental systems, businesses and industries and how it all fits together to form the ever-changing structure of the world economy. An economics major gives a firm grounding for a future career in business, public policy, law, government posts, and others.

Chemical Engineering— Chemical engineering is one of the broadest fields within the wide umbrella of Chemistry. It includes mostly biochemistry and engineering. A major in chemical engineering will teach you how to connect the raw power of chemical reactions to form products that people need and want. Almost EVERYTHING that we use-from the simple to the most complex-is a product of chemical engineering. The future career options are also vast-pharmaceutical companies, plastic companies, fertilizer manufacturing firms, and others need chemical engineers.

Computer Science and Technology— The world would come at a standstill if computer technology stops. The world within a computer is as vast as the world outside, with hidden zones and pockets that ordinary people cannot access. But a major in computer science will equip you to work the world of computers with ease. Career options include almost everything- the most tempting being software developers. You can even go for positions in the intelligence service that needs skilled computer technologists.

There are many more majors for you to think about. There are career options associated with each major. So do not choose a major keeping only that factor in mind. The primary thing to keep in mind is that you should study something because you really want to know more about it. If you love a subject, you will succeed in that field no matter what subject it is.

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