Career Alert- High School Seniors and College Students 


Most likely you are in your last leg of high school or in your undergrad years of college. If you are thinking about what to do next, or what line of career to pursue after you are done with either high school or college, it is great to plan ahead and plan early. Deciding on a career and then working your way through college keeping that career in mind is what will make you successful later on.

Many high school students commit an epic mistake that affects their careers later on— they choose college majors on a whim. Many students also choose majors that their friends are choosing, even though they have no particular talent or skill in that direction. Such frivolous action can prove to be an obstacle to a successful career later on.

It is also important to remember that education is not always about a wealthy career. Just as you should not choose college majors on a whim, you should also not choose majors that you do not enjoy even if they can lead to lucrative job offers. That is being untrue to yourself. You need to find out exactly what you want from life; what you are good at. And then, figure out how to turn those talents into a successful career. Success can mean many different things for different people. What do you define as success?

Here are some things you can follow to choose a successful career—

  • Spend quality time thinking about what you enjoy doing the most. This can include subjects, hobbies or interests. How do you translate those interests into a career? For example if you love writing stories, maybe a career as a writer is in the horizon.
  • Research possible career options if you major in those areas of study. Remember that your career has to shape your talents and interests, and not the other way around.
  • You might be confused since there are many career options and many areas of study. Find a mentor or guidance counselor who can help you decide. If you do not have someone who you can speak with, find a career coach or contact your university.
  • Make a point to visit educational and career fairs. You will gain information on various colleges and professions. Look for a list of majors and think about what you learned. This will help you refine your choices.
  • After plenty of thought, prepare a rough list of areas that you know you will excel. Now once in college, explore these subjects before declaring your major. Go with the subject that you are loving the most.
  • While in college, do part-time internships on the line of the career you have chosen. This will add a punch to your CV when you start applying for jobs later on. For example, a person wanting to go into journalism can opt for content writing internships. There are hundreds of part time internships that you could choose from. These internships will show employers (if you plan on having any, that is) that you already have some working experience in the field.
  • Remember that if you are really good at something, whatever it may be, and enjoy doing it, a good career path will eventually open up. So do not let dreams of a lucrative career cloud the natural course of your talents.

Do not follow the herd. That is the mistake most people end up making, and then regretting later on. Follow your own heart, and choose a career that you know you shall really enjoy. If you enjoy doing something, chances are you will do it really well. So that should be the focus of planning your career. It is about what you want from life, not what others want for you. So spend quality time thinking about what you want…and then go have fun while building yourself the path to a successful career!

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