Choosing a career path is often a difficult choice. A wrong path can lead to years of struggle, low income and hardships. On the other hand, choosing the right industry with a high number of job openings can really turn things around. Here are 10 job opportunities that have immense potential and growth for 2016.

Tech UI/UX Designer

We’ve come a long way since the early 2000s when websites were chunky and terribly designed. Today, the design of a software, mobile application or a website has to be good looking, as well as user friendly. And with so many start ups picking up, as well as traditional companies taking their business online, there is plenty of work available in the field.
Educational Qualification: A degree in technology and/or design

Organization Psychologists

Stress levels in several professions have been off the roof in recent times. This trend has prompted more and more organizations to take into account the psychological health of their employees as it affects their output at work as well. The industry is set to see a growth of over 20% in the next decade.
Education Qualification: Masters in Psychology


With more and more women choosing to have babies in their later years thanks to the advancement of medical science, the Ob/Gyn is going to be majorly in demand! Several other factors including a rise in medical issues, rise in Cervical Cancer, more women opting for birth control instead of condoms as birth control and a general increase in health awareness making women head to their Ob/Gyns for yearly check-ups are responsible for making this career, one with immense growth.
Educational Qualification: A medical degree with a specialization in Ob/Gyn

Engagement Manager

An engagement manager is someone who is the face of a company, interacts with clients, understands their needs and puts a plan into action to help them achieve their goal. The job of an engagement manager ranges from managing finances of the project, working with team members and vendors to make sure timelines are met, escalating matters in case any issues arise and lots more. A good engagement manager can really turn things around for a company and help them work efficiently, as well as manage their clients well. The rough average salary of an engagement manager is roughly $125,000 per year.
Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Business Development Executive

Business development executives are crucial to the growth of a company. They help expand the business and bring in new clients and customers. Now here’s the catch: Companies are always looking to grow! One can either get on board with a company full time or work with them part time, on a commission basis.
Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in management or marketing. Masters degree may often be preferred.

Finance Advisors/Managers

It’s all about the money, honey. Really! With a whole generation of baby boomers set to retire in the next 10 years, the demand for financial managers is at an all time high. Also, with the US economy free of recession at this point in time, people are looking to invest and grow their wealth. The industry is expected to see a 25% to 30% growth in the next 10 years.
Educational Qualification: A Bachelor’s degree in management with a specialization in finance

Software Developers

The last 5 years have seen a major shift in the way businesses operate. The dependency on technology has increased and almost all businesses, even those which have an offline presence want an online presence and some form of technology to help them grow and work efficiently. A report by one of the leading staffing firms confirmed that job offers were quite competitive.  A report by Forbes also found 50,000 job openings in the industry with the salary being roughly $95,000 in 2016.
Educational Qualification: A degree in computer applications

Environmental Scientists

It’s old news that humans aren’t exactly working in a way that is protecting the environment. On the contrary, in fact, we’ve damaged our planet quite a bit, over the last few years. Today, companies are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and are looking to work or produce their products in a way that does little harm to the environment. The expected growth in this field is currently predicted to be 15% in the next decade, but we all know that given the damage we’ve done to our environment, this number is very likely to go up.


The field was once surrounded in high stigma, but now it has become increasingly common. Big cities, pressures at work, loneliness and relationship problems have more and more people running to psychiatrists to help them cope. With a median salary of $181,000 and over 4,000 expected job openings this year.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone who analyzes data and extracts insights beneficial to the company. This knowledge, in turn, helps companies understand their user patterns better, thereby helping them cater to their clients more efficiently. With so much data around, including online habits, Facebook engagement patterns, changing purchasing habits, data scientists are in high demand. There is an expected demand of 1.5 new million data scientists globally.

Educational Qualification:  A degree in computer science, maths, statistics or economics. Degrees in data science are available too. Master and PhD degree holders are preferred.

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